• Sandra Beaumont

Hand fasting Ritual

Looking for an idea for a ritual at your wedding? Consider Hand Fasting.

Hand fasting ceremonies originate from an ancient Celtic tradition representing the binding together of two people (also known as "tying the knot!"). It was used to acknowledge the beginning of a trial period of a year and a day during which time a couple were literally bound together. It was a temporary agreement which could be made permanent after the trial period if both parties agreed, almost like an engagement period.

Many couples now choose it as a personal ritual during their wedding ceremony.

Happy Heart Celebrations - stones in sand
Happy Heart Celebrations - stones in sand

It starts with the couple joining hands, to show their free will to enter into the marriage. The celebrant then reads a series of vows and with each one a coloured cord or ribbon is wrapped around the couple’s hands & wrists. The final tie being done loosely so the ribbons can be removed easily while still remaining tied (thus forming a knot).

These ribbons can be placed in a special box with the knot in place as a delightful reminder of the vows that have been made, with a Happy Heart.

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