• Sandra Beaumont

How much does a wedding ceremony cost?

The cost of a wedding ceremony is a hotly contested issue, with prices in Perth ranging from as little as $300 and up to (in excess of) $1,500. So why does the price vary I hear you ask?

It all comes down to a few factors:

· The type of ceremony you want;

· The skills and expertise of the celebrant; and

· What is included in the cost.

You need to decide if you are looking for a beautiful, personalised, tailored ceremony that reflects everything about you both. One that remains in the memory of your family and friends for a long time because of the sincerity, humour and heartfelt expression. One that has all the bells and whistles.

Or something small and intimate, with just a few friends and family present to witness your special day, with carefully chosen words and music.

Or even a no fuss, minimalist ceremony covering the basics (including legals) with just two witnesses present.

The choice is yours, and the cost will reflect your decision. But it is your special day, and you want to create a lasting memory, so choose carefully and thoughtfully and you will have a Happy Heart.

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