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Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Wedding Day Emergency Kit
Wedding Day Emergency Kit

One thing I strongly recommend for your wedding day is an emergency kit with tools to fix everything from a torn dress, headache or a broken shoe. Here’s a list of 10 essentials you shouldn’t leave home without on your big day.

Sewing kit: You will need sewing needles, safety pins, small scissors, and thread in colours that match your wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses and groom/groomsmen too.

Clear Nail Polish & super Glue: Nail polish is great for fixing runs in stockings and tights. Super glue will come in handy for fixing broken shoes, jewellery, or other items.

Water & Snacks: Hydration is very important, it’s a good idea to have water and snacks on hand so you don’t have to worry about fainting or feeling sick.

Brush, Pins, & Hairspray: A must have if you want to be sure you have perfect wedding hair. Veils, headpieces, hugging friends & family are all hazards for your hair.

Lipstick & Makeup. There is a good chance that your make up will smudge or run, and you’ll want to be photo-ready when the opportunities arise.

Perfume & Deodorant: You want to smell as great as you look, so throw some deodorant and your perfume into your kit.

Tissues: Pop in a travel pack or two of tissues so they can be at your immediate disposal.

Panadol / Nurofen: Headaches and other body pains sometimes strike when you least expect them. It’s a good idea to have access to some pain relief.

Band-aids: These are good to have, too, in case shoes are causing blisters or if someone gets a small cut or scratch.

Mints: Keep your mouth clean and fresh with mints, share them with the bridal party before you all enter the reception.

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