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Wedding Trends (since COVID-19)

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Micro Weddings Even before COVID-19, intimate weddings, also known as micro-weddings were starting to take off, with more couples happily ditching large guest lists and choosing something far more welcoming. Inviting only their closest family and friends, micro-weddings enable couples to share their day with their nearest and dearest. The small guest list enables couples to celebrate their wedding in style, sometimes in places that would otherwise not be possible with large numbers.

Outdoor Weddings More couples are choosing to have their wedding in an outdoor setting, initially because of indoor number restrictions due to COVD-19, but also as they become more aware of the many attractive outdoor locations to choose from. Trends include wineries, bush locations, city scapes, beach weddings, and outdoor gazebos. There are so many options when it comes to outdoor venues, easily transformed into the ultimate wedding setting.

Mid-Week Weddings With so many couples forced to postpone their 2020 wedding due to COVID-19, there has been a significant increase in mid-week weddings. Sometimes this is due to the limited number of weekend dates available at venues, but the more budget conscious, discerning couples are realising there is money to be saved by having a mid-week wedding.

Supporting Local Now more than ever, couples are much more conscious about their purchasing decisions, and choosing local is becoming very popular. For weddings, it makes sense to support local businesses as it often means couples will save money on transport and logistics, plus benefit from local knowledge and relationships. Supporting local is the way to go.

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