• Sandra Beaumont

What's your wedding ceremony style?

Your wedding ceremony is the most significant part of your wedding day, so setting the scene and creating a special place with just the right atmosphere to say ‘I do’ is also very important.

Your ceremony style sets the tone and vibe for your entire day, whether you choose a winery, a beautiful peaceful back yard, a quirky warehouse in the city or a beach location, it is important that you stick to your chosen style for the day and start your planning.

You may choose a romantic theme, formal, elaborate or just relaxed, but don’t limit yourself to what everyone else has had or what you have seen before. Go online and do your research, find local businesses with fresh ideas who can help you create what you want, and within your budget.

The options for creating the style you want are endless and the look and feel can be created with just a few pieces, including chairs, lanterns, floral arrangements and other decorative detail. Give yourself plenty of time and you will find the perfect solution that will give you a Happy heart.

Groom with Bride holding flowers in front of door
Groom with Bride holding flowers in front of door

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