• Sandra Beaumont

Working with Children

A Baby Naming Ceremony is such a wonderful way to welcome your new child to the world and introduce them to your community. Gathering friends and family to celebrate life's special moments, with everyone bound together by love and respect, is a time of pure happiness.

If you are looking for something different from a customary baptism and all of the obligations associated with a religious ceremony, then a naming ceremony is the perfect alternative.

Children bring so much joy and happiness to the world and they need lots of guidance and love, not just from family but friends and community too. The great responsibility of raising a child can be shared with people you choose as guardians, who then get to play an important role in the child’s growth and development.

I provide personalised ceremonies with commemorative certificates for you and the appointed guardians and we can involve as many people as you choose in the actual ceremony.

Baby Naming Ceremony - Parents & Guardians
Baby Naming Ceremony - Parents & Guardians

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